Gift Boxed Set of 4 Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils

Gift Boxed Set of 4 Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils

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This set of 4 cook's tools is certain to please any budding chef. Set includes a long-handled corner spoon, a risotto spoon, a spatula and a slotted spatula. The corner spoon is perfect for stirring, a spatula is perfect for turning food and draining fats/sauces and a specially-shaped risotto spoon that is designed to stir the rice constantly without breaking the grains. Olive wood is ideal for kitchen utensils as the naturally oily grain of the wood won't absorb flavours to taint a future dish and it doesn't stain.

This unique set comes presented in a stunning white and grey gift box making this the perfect gift for any occasion. A great housewarming, wedding, birthday or Christmas gift - especially for those who love to cook.

Dimensions: 30cm(L) Each
RRP: £30.00

Product care: For everyday cleaning, simply wipe the surface down with a clean, damp cloth. Dry straight after cleaning. Do not submerge or leave to soak in water. Not Dishwasher Safe. To maintain the appearance of our wood over time olive oil can be reapplied using a dry lint-free cloth.

Gift Boxed
Food safe and hand crafted
Food safe
Each piece is unique

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