Olive Wood Cheese Boards

Why are cheese boards made from olive wood? Because olive wood makes cheese boards that are not only beautiful to look at, but extremely practical. As well as being very durable, olive wood is resistant to staining and and odours, and has antibacterial properties - all very useful, especially.if you have a taste for the stronger cheeses!

Our range of olive wood cheese boards includes something for everyone.

Whether you love the distinctive colour and grain pattern of olive wood boards, or are looking for a way to serve cheese that evokes a Mediterranean mood, we have some great choices. Our large olive wood cheese boards are over 40cm long, but there are boards here of all shapes and sizes, with and without handles.

Rustic Olive Wood Cheese Boards

Although some are rectangular shaped - or even round or heart-shaped - most of our olive wood cheese boards are shaped naturally as they are slices of olive tree trunks or branches. The term "rustic" olive wood cheese board is reserved for boards that have at least one edge that retains the outer bark of the tree.

Olive Wood Cheese Board Sets

Looking for a gift for a cheese lover? Take a look at our olive wood cheese board setor why not make up your own set by combining any of our cheese boards with a cheese grater, cheese knife, or a small dipping bowl, all made in complementary olive wood.

Olive Wood Cheese Boards